Butt Darts and the Ensuing Craptastic

I haven’t told many people that my situation has, in a way, stayed the same and in a way has the┬ápotential of becoming┬áthis thing that’s on the precipice of being, yet again, bat shit crazy. So to stave off the bat shit crazy, last October I convinced my oncologist to allow me to get Lanreotide […]

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Strength is a Myth

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley   It’s been a little over six weeks since my total hysterectomy. Since being released from the hospital I felt like crap, went to the ER three days after being released from USC Keck Hospital with breathing problems […]

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And the Hits Just Keep On Coming (or Why I’ve Been in a Hole for 3 Months)

I’ve been quiet lately. Hardly posting on Facebook or Instagram. Some of you have noticed. Others haven’t. But for you who have asked what’s been going on and haven’t received an answer and for you who have gotten only half the story, this post is for you. I apologize ahead of time. This will be […]

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What’s Up Doc? Part II

Sorry about that last entry. It was pretty lame. To continue: I had another CT scan and an echo cardiogram plus an EKG on March 1st. The results from the CT showed that the tumor had grown about 1/2 a cm around. Because I’ve been having heart palpitations and chest pains I was instructed to […]

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