Yes, it’s been a while.  A long while.  Six months (approximately).  But there have been reasons as to why it’s taken me a while to write again.  Aside from the recovery from surgery, learning how to live post surgery and how to live this life of ambiguity due to my particular type of cancer, bonding […]

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Fart, or No Food!

I know everyone is waiting for more updates, so I have come to deliver! Christine has been in the ICU for the past two days. We were hoping that she would get moved to a regular room today, but it didn’t quite happen. She did get the tubes from her neck and nose taken out […]

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Surgery is complete!

So we just spoke to Dr. Selby. The surgery went very well and he felt that the margins were good (which means that they think they got almost all of the tumor out). Christine did not have to have any blood transfused. They were able to keep a lot of her pancreas and the doctor […]

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More News

Hey everyone,So we just had a visit from Dr. Selby. So this is what we know: The big reason it has been taking so long is because they were not able to embolize to stop the supply of blood to the tumor, so they had to go through the artery that supplies the pancreas, spleen, […]

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First update

So, after waiting about 4 1/2 hours we finally got an update. The doctors are still working on Christine, everything is going well and Christine is doing well. It’s a big relief for us who are waiting, but man, we were starting to get antsy. This waiting is killing us! They give the families that […]

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Surgery Day

Hi everyone! This is Cathy, Christine’s sister. I will be giving updates on Christine’s surgery as we get information. Right now, we are at USC University Hospital, where the surgery is scheduled. Christine has been taken into the OR and they will be giving her an epidural. Matt said that there are 3 or 4 […]

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Nausea and The Big V

This will be short and sweet. I know you ALL want to know I vomited. Yes, I did. And you would think, “Hey, she’s got cancer… why wouldn’t she vomit?”, right? Actually, I have not vomited in a very long time. Not even when I was pregnant. I did not have morning sickness and therefore […]

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