To Spleen or Not to Spleen

Life with a Spleen

Doctor: So you’ve had a high fever for 3 days so far?

Me: Yeah.

Doctor: Suck it up Sally. Take some Tylenol, get some rest, drink lots of liquids.

Me: Ok  **sniffle**cough**

Life without a Spleen

Doctor: Why didn’t you call the second your fever went to 102? You need to come in for an emergency shot of antibiotics, get a throat culture and some blood cultures, and I’m going to want to admit you to the hospital.

Me: Uh… no. For what?

Doctor: You have no spleen and have had a high temperature exceeding 102 for the last 3 days. You need to be tested and observed to rule out sepsis.

Me: Uh… no. I’ll go in. Give me the shot. Take the cultures. If I have sepsis THEN you can admit me. Not before. I have a sick kid at home. How do you think I got sick myself? I can’t be in the hospital.

**insert “Not Amused” emoji here**sniffle**cough**pass out from dizziness and nausea**

By the way… I’m on the mend now. No Sepsis. Didn’t get admitted. I have antibiotics now. So no hospital stay for me. Yay. But said antibiotics are insane monster pills that I need to choke down twice a day. Add these to the 15 other pills I am required to take daily.. Boo.


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