Yes, it’s been a while.  A long while.  Six months (approximately).  But there have been reasons as to why it’s taken me a while to write again.  Aside from the recovery from surgery, learning how to live post surgery and how to live this life of ambiguity due to my particular type of cancer, bonding with my daughter, and dealing with personal issues… I also had to deal with moving.  So we have moved from our one bedroom apartment in Silverlake, to a 3 bedroom house in Pasadena (approximately the same square footage, if not slightly larger).  I had been wanting to write for a very long time.  But it wasn’t until I was sitting on the couch praying for my daughter to FINALLY fall asleep at 10:30 p.m., I realized that I had never written anything to her.  My daughter.  How can I call myself a writer?  Let alone a mother???  I never once wrote anything to her.  Although many many thoughts and speeches and unwritten letters have been composed in my head.  I never got to write them down.  Life got in the way.  So in addition to moving the family, I’m moving the blog.

I will still talk about my cancer and my recovery.  But I will also be writing those thoughts and speeches and unwritten letters to my daughter, as well.  Let’s hope it doesn’t take me another 6 months to write another word.

And for the record… I’m healing nicely, albeit dealing with problems post op that I never thought I’d have to deal with.  More on that at a later date.

So welcome to the new Blog home.  Please excuse the mess.  I’m still unpacking.


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