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Hey everyone,
So we just had a visit from Dr. Selby. So this is what we know: The big reason it has been taking so long is because they were not able to embolize to stop the supply of blood to the tumor, so they had to go through the artery that supplies the pancreas, spleen, and the tumor to try to stop the supply of blood that way. (Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the artery and even if I did, I wouldn’t know how to spell it.) When they were finally able to do it, the tumor decreased in size by 40%, which is good, because that mean the tumor was mostly blood. The doctor also said that it looks like they’ll be able to save a good portion of the pancreas, which may mean that Christine will not be insulin dependent. They haven’t been able to check out the liver too much, but so far, there wasn’t anything superficial that they could see at this point. Everything sounds like good news, except they still have another 3 hours, which means, we wait for another 3 hours.

Will continue to keep you all posted when we get more news.



7 thoughts on “More News

  1. I have been thinking about Christine surgery and watching for updates most of the day. I'm happy to hear Christine surgery is going well. I went through a similar surgery with my Mother in 2008.


  2. Keep on fighting Chris! You are my hero and I'm counting on you to beat this mother fucker. You stay strong and know that I am rooting for you. I am so sorry that I found out about this today. I am not often on facebook and this just slapped me in the face when I read. Love to you always. Nico


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