I heart Writer’s Block. NOT!

I know it’s not July. I know I haven’t written in a while. AGAIN. I know my shortcomings. Apparently, my inability to follow through is one of them. The saddest thing ever? The best writing I’ve done was today on a Facebook comment post to my friend Desha.

I will copy and paste it.

Because I’m lame.

Me to Desha:

Ok… I need to blog…

but my life is so unexciting, I have nothing to write about…


Desha to Me:

1. live vicariously though me… only changing the name say…. to “the girl in the leaky car”

2. take up a new hobby that makes you completely busy once again…? OH!!! GO TO CIRCUS GYM! OR THE WORKOUT WITH THE DOG AND OWNER (dog bootcamp)!!

3. find alternative ways to communicate w/ your deaf dog?

Me to Desha:

1. Funnily enough, I already do (or try to). Maybe a “Girl in the Leaky Car” series? You’re going to have to call me a lot more while driving…

2. I’ll check them out… but if these things require money… it’s a no go. Maybe a “I’m Broke as a Joke but No One Cares Because They Are Too” series? I’m going to have to spend a lot of time combing the interweb to find shit I can’t afford. (don’t suggest driving… please see the begining of this second point… gas = $)

3. I like this idea a lot. “My Dog is Deaf and Here Is How He Ignored Me Today” series? I’d have to keep waking him up. He’s like a ferret this dog…

Desha is right. I need a hobby… And the fact that I think this is my best writing to date makes me want to shove a pencil up my nose in the hopes that the pencil lead piercing my brain will somehow spark something in there and make me remember what the hell it was like to write something decent.

I’m going to go wake my dog up now and try to teach him sign language.


2 thoughts on “I heart Writer’s Block. NOT!

  1. I know I don't right my blogs with a pencil, Freakshow.I was stating that MAYBE I SHOULD shove the pencil up my nose. I started off writing with a pencil. Maybe the lead will remind me what that was like.Any other suggestions? I mean, I could always shove the computer up my nose. Don't think that would work out so well though…


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