Well This Blows…

See this meme? I love it. It comes from a site that basically tells me to stop fucking procrastinating, to own my fucking failures, to just fucking write. I particularly like this one: Stop fucking around, because I say this shit to my body ALL. THE. DAMNED. TIME. I just wish I could say this […]

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I Was A Support Group Drop-Out.

(Originally started January 31, 2017 via DayOne Diary) So this post will be about how I’m a horrible, horrible person. I REALLY was a support group drop-out. Actually let me amend that. I AM a support group drop-out. A cancer support group drop-out to be exact. Shortly after my first major surgery and after we had […]

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Or… “Things I’ve Noticed/Observed as a Cancer Patient (In No Discernible Order)”. Or “Shitty Cancer Patient Observations”. Your choice. Disclaimer: I’ve been compiling this list for a while. I’ve had 6 years so far and it’s not even complete. This is shit that courses through my head. Do not get offended. It is crap I […]

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To Spleen or Not to Spleen

Life with a Spleen Doctor: So you’ve had a high fever for 3 days so far? Me: Yeah. Doctor: Suck it up Sally. Take some Tylenol, get some rest, drink lots of liquids. Me: Ok  **sniffle**cough** Life without a Spleen Doctor: Why didn’t you call the second your fever went to 102? You need to […]

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So Over My Whelm…

Sorry to be all “high school essay paper-y” on you but I feel I should put the Merriam-Webster Dicitionary’s definition of my current state right now: over·whelm verb \ˌō-vər-ˈhwelm, –ˈwelm\ : to affect (someone) very strongly : to cause (someone) to have too many things to deal with : to defeat (someone or something) completely transitive verb […]

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Strength is a Myth

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley   It’s been a little over six weeks since my total hysterectomy. Since being released from the hospital I felt like crap, went to the ER three days after being released from USC Keck Hospital with breathing problems […]

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