Well This Blows…

See this meme? I love it. It comes from a site that basically tells me to stop fucking procrastinating, to own my fucking failures, to just fucking write. I particularly like this one: Stop fucking around, because I say this shit to my body ALL. THE. DAMNED. TIME. I just wish I could say this […]

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I Was A Support Group Drop-Out.

(Originally started January 31, 2017 via DayOne Diary) So this post will be about how I’m a horrible, horrible person. I REALLY was a support group drop-out. Actually let me amend that. I AM a support group drop-out. A cancer support group drop-out to be exact. Shortly after my first major surgery and after we had […]

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Or… “Things I’ve Noticed/Observed as a Cancer Patient (In No Discernible Order)”. Or “Shitty Cancer Patient Observations”. Your choice. Disclaimer: I’ve been compiling this list for a while. I’ve had 6 years so far and it’s not even complete. This is shit that courses through my head. Do not get offended. It is crap I […]

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Butt Darts and the Ensuing Craptastic

I haven’t told many people that my situation has, in a way, stayed the same and in a way has the potential of becoming this thing that’s on the precipice of being, yet again, bat shit crazy. So to stave off the bat shit crazy, last October I convinced my oncologist to allow me to get Lanreotide […]

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To Spleen or Not to Spleen

Life with a Spleen Doctor: So you’ve had a high fever for 3 days so far? Me: Yeah. Doctor: Suck it up Sally. Take some Tylenol, get some rest, drink lots of liquids. Me: Ok  **sniffle**cough** Life without a Spleen Doctor: Why didn’t you call the second your fever went to 102? You need to […]

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So Over My Whelm…

Sorry to be all “high school essay paper-y” on you but I feel I should put the Merriam-Webster Dicitionary’s definition of my current state right now: over·whelm verb \ˌō-vər-ˈhwelm, –ˈwelm\ : to affect (someone) very strongly : to cause (someone) to have too many things to deal with : to defeat (someone or something) completely transitive verb […]

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Strength is a Myth

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” – Bob Marley   It’s been a little over six weeks since my total hysterectomy. Since being released from the hospital I felt like crap, went to the ER three days after being released from USC Keck Hospital with breathing problems […]

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And the Hits Just Keep On Coming (or Why I’ve Been in a Hole for 3 Months)

I’ve been quiet lately. Hardly posting on Facebook or Instagram. Some of you have noticed. Others haven’t. But for you who have asked what’s been going on and haven’t received an answer and for you who have gotten only half the story, this post is for you. I apologize ahead of time. This will be […]

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“Updated Relationship Status”

It’s been almost one whole month now…  OH MY GOD I’M MARRIED!!! Wow. Don’t worry. It’s “Facebook Official”. I already changed my relationship status. 😉 (Thanks to Jenna Henderson of White Rabbit Photo Boutique for this beautiful photograph!) Advertisements

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Click this to see my Tumblr Blog Post

Click this to see my Tumblr Blog Post I decided to try out Tumblr based on a friend’s suggestion and ended up writing this about my latest hiccup on the road to cancer free. I will post updates from that last post (which was written in November/December of 2013) on or around my 3 year […]

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